10 Rules For Sunglasses Every Guy Should Read

By  May 07, 2014

A couple things about sunglasses….

1.) Never cheap out on a pair of sunglasses. You’ll wear them more often than your average dress shirt, so it’s worth investing in a decent pair.

2.) Never be the dude with the freebie plastic glasses they give away at various events. It’s not even a good look at college frat parties.

3.) Snag a new pair every summer, as it’s nice to have something fresh in the rotation each year.

4.) You can find high-end sunglasses on eBay for around 50% off what you’d normally pay at your average department store. 99.999% are brand new, completely authentic, and sold from reputable dealers.

5.) That said, only order online after you know exactly what color, frame, and size work perfectly with your face. Playing it fast and loose normally results in a pair of sunglasses that look only mediocre on you.

6.) Most guys think bigger is better in regards to sunglasses, but you’ll be wise to size down. It’s surprising how much better sunglasses look when they’re not sticking off your face.

7.) It’s easy to let your sunglasses get dirty, but keeping them clean consistently is just the better way to go. You’ll have improved visibility and they’ll look less oily.

8.) Go with tortoise frames instead of black—they always look cleaner, go with everything, and feel more classy and less stark.

9.) The two pairs of sunglasses that look good on absoltuely everybody are the the Ray-Ban Wayfayer and the Persol 714. You can’t go wrong with either of those.

10.) Never wear sunglasses inside unless you’re in a rock band that can sell out an arena.