4 Most Important Clothing Textures & How To Wear Them

By  June 02, 2014

Color and design are important concepts when it comes to fashion, but what about the variety of clothing textures that are available? Fabrics with texture can add style and confidence to an otherwise standard look. There are four standard types of textures that can be found in men’s fashion – old and new.


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Velvet can best be found in the form of dress pants, blazers, and suits. A classic fabric that has stretched its wings beyond the standard winter holidays can now be seen on the runway as well as the red carpet.  Velvet works well in darker colors such as black, navy, dark green, maroon, and dark purple while showing off a bold level of sophistication and classic upgrade from the standard suit attire. It has been seen that velvet is making a move in the shoe industry as well.


Animal Skin

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There are many different textures of animal skin that can be incorporated into a fashion forward look. In general snakeskin looks best as an added accessories such as shoes, belts, or a watch in neutral colors such as black, brown, gray, and tan. Fur has become a controversial addition to fashion in recent years. Still, it can be found across the Fendi collection as fur collars, and fur-blocked sweaters. Animal skin – we obviously do not mean real animal skin – establishes a mysterious and unique style when added well to an outfit.



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Tweed is a vintage fabric that brings a splash of old school. Mostly found in coats and suits, tweed has moved out of your grandpa’s closet and into the limelight. This fabric has a tendency to have multi color details making it an ideal addition to solid colored outfits for that extra sense of style and confidence. Tweed is mostly found in winter and fall fashions, as it is a heavier and thicker fabric.



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Leather since the beginning of time has been a classic rocker accessory adding edge and a sense of rebelliousness to ones style.  In modern fashion, leather can be used as an oxymoron of sorts by creating classic, sophisticated pieces out of the once defiant texture. Leather shoes are a strong, steady point in men’s fashion as well as leather found on most belts, watches, and bags.


When it comes to experimenting with different textures it is best to avoid bright colors to keep the look humble and sophisticated and away from the “wild” side. If you are looking for an outfit that quite possibly may end up viral on twitter, by all means find some bright red snakeskin shoes with a bright blue leather belt, purple velvet pants and orange tweed blazer. For those more modest, stick to the basics.

Article written by Andrea Kubisch from Male-Extravaganza.com