Field Tested: Jackery Giant Power Reserve

By  June 19, 2014

I like to be prepared. Maybe it’s the Eagle Scout in me or lessons from my parents. Regardless, it always pays to have a plan. Out of everything I can feasibly control, there’s always one factor that puts a damper on plans: cell phone battery life. On a day-to-day basis, my phone performs as expected, but on days with heavy usage (especially during travel), I often find myself in a predicament.

I was searching for solutions recently, and right around that time the team at Jackery sent me a review unit of the brand’s JackeryGiant power reserve. Upon initial inspection it doesn’t look like much, but this 4-by-3-inch brick is a true powerhouse.

To test it out, I took it on a recent camping trip to a California state park. This is the kind of place where you hike in and hike out, so it’s important to have an emergency line to services. At 10.4 ounces, the JackeryGiant was a nonfactor when it came to backpack weight, and I let it charge a full 10 hours overnight.

A day into our trip, all four of us were in need of a battery boost. We took shifts charging our devices (two Android phones and two iPhones), and the JackeryGiant handled it all with plenty of charge left over. The two-LED flashlight on the front was also helpful for finding things inside the tent and around camp.

The best part is that the JackeryGiant will hold a charge for up to six months. For extreme travelers it could mean a world of difference, but I think anyone would find this power reserve useful in everyday applications.

The JackeryGiant is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPods, Android, Windows Phone, other smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, and MP3 players.

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