MacBook Vending Machine

From  January 22, 2013

Drexel University installs vending machine that will dispense Macbooks, FOR FREE?

That’s right, you did not read wrong, the Macbooks are being dispensed for FREE. to all students at Drexel University, you have the option to rent a Macbook for school purposes and once again, its FREE.

The Macbooks are allowed to be borrowed for 5 hours and any extra time that you keep it for, it will calculate a late fee, upon return.

If the Macbooks are not returned, the student card used to rent it, will be charged accordingly.

The reason for this machine, is so students don’t have to carry their laptops to school and some students fear theft of their Macbooks, so they don;t even bring it to school. this will give all users a piece of mind. Some students might even forget to bring their laptops, so they can borrow one and never fall behind in class.

The security will be alerted if the Macbooks leaves the comfort zone of the vending machine.

Once the Macbook is returned to it’s vending machine, it will then wipe all the information from the hard drive to ensure privacy for public use. Also the Macbooks will be charged while in the vending machine.

The vending machines will dispense 12 Macbooks, but the more vending machines mean more Macbooks for students, so if you’re a student, you better keep the Macbooks in good condition if you want this free vending machine to continue.

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