In Pursuit of the Perfect Polo: Criquet Shirts

By  March 25, 2014

CriquetUnedited74 copy.jpgBilly Nachman and Hobson Brown know a lot about polo shirts. I mean a lot. The Austin, Texas–based duo has tried it all: baggy, fitted, emblem/no emblem, collar up, even the dreaded double-layered trend. After cycling through more shirts than any reasonable men should, they’ve created their own line of premium polos inspired by the best features and designs each has come across over the years.


To start, all Criquet clothing—both polos and button downs—is made from 100 percent certified-organic cotton. Next, the team designed each shirt with functional hidden features for ease of use and reliability. The polo shirts have removable collar stays to prevent the unfortunate “bacon collar” that plagues so many men, and the button-downs have a strategically placed extra layer at the bottom to prevent twist-off-cap-induced tearing. If you’ve ever damaged a shirt at a barbecue or golf outing by trying to twist off a bottle cap with your garment, you’ll appreciate the added material.


Criquet shirts are quite possibly the Rolls-Royce of polos, and every guy should have at least one of these quality pieces in his arsenal. The price ranges from $75 to $95, and they’re available at Or if you’re heading to Austin, stop by the brand-new showroom, where you can drink beer, drive golf balls, and listen to live music in the backyard while you shop.