Jack Black Skincare: The Perfect Shave

By  December 10, 2012

Achieving the perfect shave can be a challenge, especially with a sea of products out there. We’ve heard a lot about Jack Black around the web and we recently had the opportunity to try some of their products after a long No Shave November.  We paired up a few of our favorites for what we think made for the perfect shave, after using this system it’s going to be tough to go back to anything else. You’ve been warned.

Steps for the perfect Shave:

Pre Shave Face Buff

Start with the pre-shave exfoliating Face Buff to prepare your skin for a close comfortable shave. It also helps to prevent ingrown hairs (which we hate) and improves razor glide. The Menthol and Vitamin C help to wake up your skin and is a great addition to a morning routine.

Jack Black Beard Lube

Break open your bottle of Beard Lube. Unlike other foaming “shaving cream” products out there it actually creates a barrier between your skin and the razor to prevent razor burn and alleviate skin irritation. It‘s also formulated to be clear so you can see every whisker you are shaving off.

After Shave Balm

Now for our favorite part of the shave: the cooling gel. Jack Black’s After Shave Balm smells incredible and provides long lasting hydration to your skin. It goes on clear in gel form but it is quickly absorbed and can cure the most sensitive and irritated skin.

After our first complete shave using their line of products we can safely say that we are believers, and the brand definitely lives up to the hype. Each product is designed for ease of use and to create a simple and effective shaving or skin care routine. You can find more information about Jack Black products at Jackblack.com