Music Exclusive: Introducing Brooklyn’s Quincy Vical

By  February 18, 2014


We recently had the chance to catch up with Brooklyn based, up and coming hip hop duo Quincy Vidal. Formed back in 09′, members Le’Asha and Caleb aka C.E. began recording hip hop music influenced by the artist they grew up listening to. With two solid projects under their belt: The Cookin In’ Brooklyn (2010) and Sentimental Moods (2012), QV is on a mission to bring back 90s R&B and Hip-Hop. Starting out strong in 2014, Quincy Vidal premiered their music video for ‘Pillow,’ directed by Nick von Gremp on With their forthcoming album Utopia|LDZ on the way, check out our conversation with the group along with their latest video below:


What’s the story behind Quincy Vidal? How did the name come about?

Caleb: ‘Quincy Vidal was originally just a fun idea we had while crewing together on the production of a play. We were freshman at college and the freshman have to work costume crew for the upper classmen who are in shows and we got paired up. It’s how we became good friends, too. So backstage one day we were just like, “let’s start a group.” (haha) Le was gonna be the dj and I was gonna rap, like those old school duos from back in the day. So we weren’t really serious at first, just bored (haha). On our downtime we started writing down different names we could have and all of them were whack. After a while I had an idea and gave it a shot. I asked her what the name of the street that she grew up on was, she said Quincy. I said the name of mine was Vidal, and boom! It stuck. It wasn’t until we decided to live together during the summer between our second and third year of school (so like, 2010) that we got really serious about it. That whole summer was dedicated to writing and producing our first album.’

Who are your biggest musical influences?

‘As far as influences, we have very similar and different tastes. We like to bump a LOT of Erykah Badu, D’angelo, Common, Mos Def (or Yasiin Bey now…?), Little Dragon. Just real earthy, black, soul infused hip hop. We are very heavily influenced by the ’90′s style of black music, which you will definitely hear. ‘

How is the creative process working as a duo?

Le’Asha: Caleb makes the beats, and we write. There’s a lot of trial an error, but more often than not we also come together on an idea pretty quickly. ‘Treat Me Warm’ was a quick process, the beat was made and we each knew what we wanted to say. so we laid it down.

Caleb: I think our process is a unique one, in that while the destination we’re trying to get to is eerily similar, our ways of getting there are incredibly different. Le is very open to letting the creative process take her, stream of consciousness type stuff, she’ll just open herself to anything that may inspire her. While I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I need to know the what and how of it, specifically, or I’ll feel lost. That almost always leads us to the same end product. Pretty crazy.


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