On Repeat: The Front Bottoms Talon Of The Hawk

By  February 19, 2014

New Jersey two-piece The Front Bottoms are back at it again with Talon of the Hawk and this record has been my go-to for the last few weeks. Brian Sella’s signature witty and angst-filled (and sometimes gloomy) lyrics are set to upbeat and bright arrangements that make for one powerhouse of a record.

Absolute Punk reviewer Kelly Doherty said it best: “I find it difficult to describe this record without sounding like a 12 year old who has just discovered ‘alternative music’ or a teenager discovering beer. Everything about the album doesn’t just speak to me, it screams at me. Right now, I’m writing this with Talon Of The Hawk blasting out of the corner of my room and I feel so incredibly contented and happy and sad and lonely and comforted and everything all at once.”

Download Talon of the Hawk here and check out the video for “Twin Size Mattress” below.