San Francisco Bulls Bring Back Pro Hockey

By  October 15, 2012

The San Francisco Bulls brought professional hockey back to San Francisco last Friday with their inaugural game against the Bakersfield Condors.  Reminiscent of ‘if you build it they will come’, a mile long line of cars down Geneva Avenue funneled a sellout 8,277 fans into the Cow Palace parking lot.  If you’re interested in a recap of the game you can check out the Bulls website at

For those of you who are not aware, and sadly there are a lot of you out there, the National Hockey League is in the middle of a labor dispute. The timing could not be better to launch a new hockey franchise in the same territory belonging to the San Jose Sharks.

There is a prevailing argument that minor league sports can be just as entertaining as major league sports.  Some would even argue that the minors are MORE entertaining than the majors.  In an area where there are 6 major but no minor league sports teams that argument has gone mostly untested here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But having spent many nights watching the San Jose Sharks, and having watched the ECHL San Francisco Bulls, I can personally testify that it is true – going to a Bulls game is incredibly fun.  If you’re a hockey fan I strongly suggest you visit the old Cow Palace and give the team a try.

The Cow Palace, home of the San Francisco Bulls

As the fight between millionaire owners and millionaire players drags on, the Bulls provide an opportunity to watch sports as the lore says it was meant to be.  It’s played by men who dream of making to the national scene but for now play because it is what they love to do.  Bulls Captain Jason Bowers bleeds the same blood as Sidney Crosby for far less fame and money, and such a sacrifice cannot be ignored.

If you are not a hockey fan I also strongly suggest you visit the old Palace.  Most hockey fans will tell you that they fell in love with the sport after seeing the game in person.  And since tickets start at less than the cost of a movie it is an incredible opportunity to see a live sporting event where cost may be the primary barrier.

The Bulls are currently on the road for 3 weeks while – guess what – the rodeo is in town (yes, there will be cows in the Cow Palace), but they’re back for most weekends in November.  Check out the team’s schedule and we’ll see you at the game!

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