The Proper Way to Grow a Winter Beard

By  December 14, 2009

Facial hair is all the rage these days. You can see more mountain-man beards growing in the streets of downtown New York than in actual mountain ranges. After years of being disregarded as messy and unprofessional, the beard has made its way back into civilized company. And now that it’s finally wintertime, you have the perfect excuse to grow your best possible Grizzly Adams. But there are a few steps you have to take in order to maximize your beard growing ability:

1)    Stop Shaving
Just do it.  Don’t throw in a trim here and there, stop shaving altogether. Growing a beard is a commitment that you’ll need to throw all your facial hair growing energy into. Don’t jump into this if you’re not ready for it.  

2)    Beware of the Ugly Period

Yup. Hate to break it to you, but you’re going to look downright hideous for a little while. Your girlfriend will probably not want to make out with you for a little bit. You may even get a few uncomfortable glances in the elevator. Pay no attention to these haters. You know the mission you’ve set out to accomplish. Endure the pain of the ugly phase and once you reach the other side it’ll be all worth it.

3)    Timing is Everything
Despite the fact that it’s winter-time (aka primetime for beards) you have to schedule your beard growing time appropriately. If you’ve got a fancy holiday party to attend, your two week unshaven face might be a huge no-no. Give yourself a month to really grow this thing out.

4)    Pick a Style
Congratulations, you’ve successfully grown a beard. Now what? Well, now you have to style it to your liking. There are countless beard styles for you to pick from, just make sure that you pick one that fits your face and persona. If you’re the kind of guy who spends his time in an office every day, maybe the huge motorcycle man beard isn’t for you. Why not try a thinner Clooney-esque beard?

5)    Trimming is Key
Like plants, children, and crops, properly growing a beard needs dedicated maintenance. The beard can and must be tamed. Do yourself a favor and invest in a beard trimmer. Be careful to read all the instructions on the trimmer properly or you just may end up lopping too much off and having to shave the whole thing.

And that’s it. Beards are a wonderful and beautiful creation, but like anything else, you must approach the process with respect and due diligence. Happy growing, guys! ~ Zack Barangan