Thirsty Thursday | Kona Brewing Company

By  March 07, 2013

This week on Thirsty Thursday we take a trip to the big island of Hawaii for a taste of Kona Brewing Company. Founded in 1995, the brew house originally only produced a golden ale and pale ale. As word spread they expanded their portfolio to include the incredibly popular Longboard Island Lager and specialty “Aloha Series” beers including Pipeline Porter. Today the brewery is serving up 10 other styles of beer in addition to the pale ale, lager, and golden ale.


The bottles have a distinct label including silhouettes of the islands, surfers, boards, and incredibly beautiful weather that Hawaii is known for. If you’re shopping around at your local store you can’t miss them.


Longboard Island Lager: Nothing significant on the nose of this beer. It’s pretty mild and all you really pick up is the malt.

Pipeline Porter: On the first nosing you’ll pick up notes of coffee and malt. It’s a pleasant smell that is incredibly inviting and lures you in to take that first sip.


Longboard Island Lager: Longboard is pretty delicate but it has a nice malty body that pairs well with the hops in the beer. In standard lager fashion it is fermented cold to create a smooth, drinkable beer.

Pipeline Porter: Coffee, coffee, coffee. The beer is made with 100% freshly roasted Kona coffee, which is grown on the same island. The coffee pairs incredibly well with the malt selection as you might expect, making this a world-class coffee-based porter.


Longboard Island Lager: Nothing special on the finish here, as you would expect from a lager. We could only detect a faint malt flavor that quickly faded away.

Pipeline Porter: After each sip you’re left with a mild and sweet finish. Notes of coffee and malt make for an enjoyable end to this brew.


While Longboard Island Lager is a favorite among many, we are definitely intrigued by the breweries other offerings. This was our first experience with the Pipeline Porter and between the fresh roasted coffee and dark roasted malts it was by far our favorite of the day. Kona Brewing Company has beers that are available in 36 states, for more information on Kona Brewing Company please visit

*Disclosure: Samples of Longboard Island Lager and Pipeline Porter were purchased independently. Brash and GLAM Media were not compensated for this article